Custom Metal ShadoArt size A1


The Metal ShadoArt is a hand made illustration of your selected photo, laser cut in thin metal sheet, coated with anti rust and colored Mat Black. This results in a beautiful and delicate piece of art. Great as a wedding, anniversary and birthday gift. Perfect for a holiday gift or as decor to your home. To start the process, please send me a photo or photos you wish to art. The size of the photos should be at least 1 MB. I’ll review your photos and recommend the best one for Shado’ing.



It usually takes 5-6 weeks to be ready for shipping and then 3-7 business days for international shipping, 2-3 days local shipping (door to door express shipping). *free express shipping*

33 inch X 23.4 inch (2 times A2), 60cm X 82cm

More Info
Please feel free to contact me for any personalization, special size or color

Display Option
Hanging option While preparing the Shado I make holes that blend in the art, to leave the option for hanging or leaning against the wall.

Additional information

Dimensions 33 × 23.4 in