custom Metal ShadoArt

ShadoArt brings memories to life through personalized,
metal wall art that’s both delicate yet sturdy.
Developed by Ronit B, ShadoArt is a handmade illustration transformed into metal cut
that is custom-designed.
ShadoArt is a perfect way to complement and differentiate
residential and commercial spaces. Start
Now to create your ShadoArt

ShadoArt Collection

Over the years, the artist has created an assortment of her own ShadoArt metal wall art pieces,
available in different motifs and sizes,
these pieces are readily availablity for purchase and order

ShadoArt Projects

ShadoArt is a unique technique and creative opportunity for us to collaborate on.
Together, we can create the perfect wall art design for your commercial building
or design project of any type and scope.
Submit your ideas for any application you can dream of or imagine.
Let’s do it together!


About the Artist

A Love for Art & An Art of Love
Hi, I’m Roni B. I studied product design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.
My family and I live in a village near the sea of Galilee.
After designing and developing innovative baby products for several years,
I went back to an old love of mine, illustration. Looking for my “unique voice”, developing ShadoArt –
a totally different approach and very personal way to capture the “unforgettable” moments in life.
From toying around with photographs and creating illustrations,
to testing reality versus the abstract, I arrived at the final step
of turning delicate results into a laser-cut outcome in tin.
Today I am extremely fortunate to repeatedly witness the awe in my customers
express in testimonials as they relive special moments,
made possible through their Shado creations.
I look forward to creating something together with you!!