ShadoArt is a hand made illustration of a selected photo, laser cut in thin metal sheet and coated. This results in a unique and delicate piece of art.
You have an option to purchase one of the collection items OR make a custom piece of your own theme.
Collection items can be purchased in the original size or in a custom size.
Custom made ShadoArt can be as small as A4 and not really limited in Max. size, which makes its possible application vast and exciting.

It usually takes 5-6 weeks for the Custom metal ShadoArt to be ready for shipping and takes about 5 business days for door to door express shipping.

To start the process, please share your idea or send me the photo or photos you wish to art. I will want to know which size is needed. I’ll review your photos and recommend the best one for Shado’ing, attach a quote and time table.

The photos you send should be sharp and about 1 MB in size, the bigger the better. If you are scanning, set the scanner to 300 dpi.

The figures can be either in close up for a Portrait like art piece or part of a Scene. 
Side view and half side view of the figures work well.
Choose a photo where Figures interact with each other. Movement is great for our purpose and becomes alive with ShadoArt.

When the photo is low in resolution (small in size) it becomes “pixeled” when getting closer.
For me it means I don’t have enough information to illustrate it.

Next step is receiving a payment request through PayPal and placing an order.

Let me know your time table, bear in mind that this gift is so special and appreciated you may want to consider taking the chance that it might not arrive on time. In the meantime you can give the demo as promo for this wonderful gift.
 Other people that did just that got great feedback!
View demo gallery.

The demo is a 2D illustration you will receive for review and comments. The demo also contains measurements when necessary.

The demo is an actual handmade illustration of your photo and not a digital manipulation. This is the very essence of ShadoArt and takes hours to make. You will therefore need to make a purchase in order to see a demo outcome.

Amendments and fine tuning of the 2D demo is part of making our project perfect. A change of the selected photo after this phase will be subjected to extra charge.

Minimum size of a ShadoArt is A4 (8.3X11.7 in) and Maximum size is not really limited.
When the art piece exceeds A1 size (23.4X33 in) I usually split the Shado into pieces that can be assembled like puzzle.

Shipping worldwide is made with Express Mail Service, cost will be included in the quote.

While preparing the Metal Shado I make holes that blend in the art, to leave the option for hanging or leaning against the wall.
With the piece you will get some hanging means and rubber spacers to be placed between the art and the wall, to let the light play.

All pieces are packaged between flat foam boards, shipped in bubbles wrapping.

Yes! The package will be sent and a tracking No. will be mailed to you.